Winter is harsh on glass, especially windshields. Extreme fluctuations in temperature and the pressure from storms can, at times, add increased stress on the windshield. Learn to protect your windshield by following a few winterizing tips.

• Inspect it: Windshields become vulnerable to damage when there is even the tiniest of fissures. Before the harsh weather hits, inspect your windshield for any small chips, having them filled as needed. Also, check the edge of the windshield to make sure that the sealing is tight.
• Cover it: Covering the windshield could mean encasing it in a garage. However, if there is no garage available, another form of coverage can be simply investing in a tarp. The tarp can be full coverage or just a windshield tarp.
• Defrost it: Frost and ice are the primary products of cold winter air and layer everything, including windshields. There are several methods of defrosting and one is built right into your car’s heating system. Allow extra time before leaving to warm the car, running both the dashboard and rear defrosters. As the car warms, the defrosters will remove the ice. To expedite the process, a spray deicing formula or a light scraper can also be used.Windshield care is critical, especially in the winter. For more about winter windshield protection , contact us 972-408-6233.

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