Energy Efficient Glass

You may not realize it, but energy efficiency goes far beyond climate change. Increasing your profits and keeping operating costs low. HOme or storefront, Glass Go. offers glass repair and replacement options, which will help you decrease your overall costs.

UV Resistant Glass
UV resistant glass lets light pass through, but filters out a majority of the UV light responsible for fading furniture, carpets, and other damage. It creates a more comfortable workplace for staff and your valuable patrons and helps preserve the area, reducing repair, upholstery, and maintenance costs.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Bills
Energy efficient glass =  lower heating costs in the cold, and reduced AC  wear and tear when it heats up outside, especially in Texas….. You still enjoy the reduced energy costs available from ambient light, with the added bonus of spending less to keep your shop or office comfortable.

Energy Efficient Glass Applications
There is more than one way to reduce costs with energy efficient glass. In some cases, multiple avenues can be pursued and can be considered, such as using laminated glass and dual panes. Our certified glass techs will consult with you on the most appropriate options for your Dallas business, making sure we use glass best suited for your needs.

Double-Paned Glass – Double-paned glass can be air filled or use special gases to reduce heat conduction even more. The idea is to create a non-conductive space between panes of glass that helps prevent heat from getting in. Tinting and glazing can be combined with double or triple pane installation for greater efficiency.
Glazed Glass – Glazing adds strength to glass, which is beneficial in areas prone to earthquakes. It also reduces heat conduction, which helps save money on energy costs. Glazing is available in a variety of applications, including window tinting and reflective glass.

Home Weather Stripping
Window glass is not the only part of your windows which need to be considered. Worn or aging window sealants also allow a great deal of heat transfer by allowing air to move directly between the indoor and outdoor environments. Even if you are not replacing your commercial window glass, having your windows and doors checked and resealed can save you a noticeable amount.

We have 15 years of window glass experience, Glass Go Is an established glass company in Dallas Texas. We can inspect your current windows and provide you FREE estimates on making your home or storefront more energy efficient through replacing panes or laminating what you already have in place. Contact us today to set up an appointment with your business to see how changing the glass can help your large or small business save cash by becoming more energy efficient.


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