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Keep Your Automotive Glass Safe From High-Temperature and Pressure

Winter is harsh on glass, especially windshields. Extreme fluctuations in temperature and the pressure from storms can, at times, add increased stress on the windshield. Learn to protect your windshield by following a few winterizing tips. • Inspect it: Windshields become vulnerable to damage when there is even the tiniest of fissures. Before the harsh weather hits,…

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See How You Can Enhance Your Vehicles Through Our Services

If you have a vehicle with cracked or fragmented windshield, you will need to fix the problem. Many people choose to replace damaged windows entirely as well as making appointments for the replacement of their auto glass. Severely broken glass will need a full window, chip, and crack replacement through an auto glass repair. Some…

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Learn How an Automotive Glass Can Protect You

Modern cars are designed with all sorts of safety gadgets and features. You hear about all the new technologies like rear-view cameras, side airbags, onboard computers, and more. The one feature you don’t hear about is glass. But innovations in auto glass have made cars much safer than they used to be. Regular glass, like…

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Windshield Installed Correctly?

Incorrect windshield installation in Dallas and Plano cause numerous accidents every year. Make sure your new windshield has been installed correctly and safely. 1. Previous Adhesive still noticeable on the framing. Not removing the original glass adhesive does not allow any other adhesive to seal the windshield and create a weatherproof seal. 2. Seam is…

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Energy Efficient Glass

You may not realize it, but energy efficiency goes far beyond climate change. Increasing your profits and keeping operating costs low. HOme or storefront, Glass Go. offers glass repair and replacement options, which will help you decrease your overall costs. UV Resistant GlassUV resistant glass lets light pass through, but filters out a majority of the…

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Glass Damage from Storm?

Cleanup and recovery after a serious storm in Dallas can be stressful and hazardous, especially when it comes to broken glass. Before getting started get the facts you need to stay safe, clean up effectively, and avoid insurance reimbursement hassles. Be careful if your dealing with broken glass. Glass is sharp and dangerous, and your…

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Insurance Claims?

CAN AN INSURANCE CLAIM RAISE YOUR RATES? If the repair costs for your car are more than your collision deductible, you’ll have to weigh whether the insurance payout is worth the risk of a rate increase later. Whether your insurance rates will go up after a claim depends on your previous claims history, your insurance…

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Foggy Glass Can Be Fixed

Double pane windows always seem to to do the trick- they keep your residence warm and cozy during the winter months and store the coolness more in the Summer months. Double Panes also act as a great noise barrier. + You don’t have the hassle of putting up special windows based on the season. One of the largest…

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