Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

Cleaning car windows is a messy job for many car owners. Many times, windows cleaning leaves streaky finish which makes it harder to see than before. We have provided some easy to follow tips to clean car windows without streaks.    

How to Prevent Streaks on Your Car’s Windows

The streaks on the car’s window appear for a reason. When you wash the car on a hot day or under the sun, the cleaning solution dries up fast and leaves a residue behind that appears as streaks on windows. You can prevent streaks from appearing on the windows by parking your car in the garage before cleaning the windows. Also, you can consider cleaning windows when the climate is cool like in the evening when the sun is not shining directly on your head.

Get the Right Cleaning Supplies 

For best results, you will need the following things:

  • Glass cleaner recommended for automobile cleaning 
  • White vinegar
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Soft lint-free microfiber rags 

The Cleaning Solution 

Recommended proportions for the cleaning solution:

  • 50% distilled water + 50% alcohol + a capful of white vinegar


  • 70% distilled water + 15% alcohol + 15% window cleaner

Pour the ingredients in an empty spray bottle and shake the bottle lightly to mix the ingredients.

How to Clean Your Car’s Windows

The car’s windshield and windows have two sides: the exterior and interior. Both sides of the windows and windshield have specific sets of issues that call for different cleaning strategies.

Cleaning the Exterior Side of the Window

Some of the problems windows and windshield’s exterior side has are excessive dirt, water spots and it is exposed to weather and other elements. You can wash the windows and windshield’s exterior side when you wash the car. Additionally, you can do this.

  • Spray glass cleaner on the windows and rub the cleaning solution with a microfiber rag. If there is any stubborn dirt, apply a little pressure while wiping the window with the rag. 
  • You can start wiping from top to bottom and then wipe from left to right. Make sure you dry the windows and windshield properly before calling off the cleaning session. 

Cleaning the Interior Side of the Window 

The interior side of the windows has a thin transparent film sheet. You should avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly on the windows. The reason behind this is the area of the window is small and a large amount of solution is wasted. When you spray the solution directly on the window, it settles down in corners and crevices which increases your cleaning task unnecessarily.

  • Take a microfiber rag and wipe the window from top to bottom.
  • Next, use a microfiber rag and isopropyl alcohol to clean and degrease the window.
  • Spray a generous amount of cleaning solution on microfiber rag. Wipe in an up and down motion and then wipe from right to left. Make sure you do not miss any part of the window.
  • Wipe the window dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Roll down the window by one inch and clean the top of the window.

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