Windshield Installed Correctly?

Incorrect windshield installation in Dallas and Plano cause numerous accidents every year.

Make sure your new windshield has been installed correctly and safely.

1. Previous Adhesive still noticeable on the framing.

Not removing the original glass adhesive does not allow any other adhesive to seal the windshield and create a weatherproof seal.

2. Seam is not flush with frame

Your new windshield should adhere flush to the to window frame without moving at all. Anything other than OEM glass is a potential safety hazard. Glass GO recommends a new glass windshield for your car at all times replacement is needed.

3. Molding is not installed professionally

Molding on your windshield should be nice and neat.  If molding around your newly installed windshield is matching up with the frame, then it’s probably due to a bad installation. At Glass Go, we take our time and do the job right so that the windshield is both installed correctly and looks right around the edges.

4. Leaking

A bad seal around the windshield will often reveal itself through water leaks around the frame. Like all other problems listed here, a poor seal around the windshield is not only irritating but dangerous. If water is coming through the seal, then you need to visit our service center immediately. Your windshield could be in danger of coming loose. We can reseal the window and keep moisture from getting in your car.

5. Not Installed By A Certified Glass Tech

Windshield safety is our number one concern when installing your new glass. For this reason, you should only hire an experienced, certified, and Dallas or Plano – licensed technician to install a windshield. If your windshield wasn’t installed by a professional, we’d recommend you get it checkout to be sure you are safe within your vehicle.

At Glass Go, all of our auto and home glass technicians are highly-trained, certified, and experienced. We install windshields in all types of vehicles foreign and domestic. Whether you need a replacement for a personal car or commercial vehicle, you can count on us for dependable service, industry-level products, and work of the highest quality.


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